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Another stellar month of work by our talented directors. Gemma Lee’s aesthetically beautiful and slightly saucy spot for Destination NSW garners some excellent PR and will leave you in need of a trip to the Hunter Valley! Aaron Brown continues his popular collaboration with Arctic Monkeys, directing yet another gritty and intriguing music video clip for their latest song “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”. David Hicks contributes to the famous stable of highly awarded work for GEICO Insurance with a hilarious spot brilliantly executed. And Eden Diebel directs good old Aussie celebrity in this refreshingly funny and natural content spot for NIB.

Destination NSW

Directed by Gemma Lee

There’s no place that combines wine “tasting”, cheese gobbling, leisurely afternoon drives, and overpriced weddings more so than the Hunter Valley. Gemma Lee captures everything we love about this place, weaving together all the aforementioned elements into a narrative that will have many of us jumping into our cars with our respective partners, and credit cards at the ready!

Aaron Brown

Tranquility Base Hotel

Directed by Aaron Brown

Another gritty music video directed by Aaron Brown, featuring the English rock band, Arctic Monkeys. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is an evocative piece, a myriad of colourful sets, cultural commentary, and philosophical thoughts.

Geico Baseball

Directed by David Hicks

If anyone can bring a comedic style to the screen that most would describe as effortless, and relatable, it’s David Hicks. This new spot for Geico Insurance centres around Dustin, a young, aspiring baseball player who dreams of a day when he’ll be swinging his bat in front of a stadium full of people. Sometimes the future has other plans…

Eden Diebel

NIB Newcastle Knights

Directed by Eden Diebel

Eden Diebel directs an amusing spot for NIB, featuring brand ambassador Paul ‘Chief’ Harragon, and Newcastle Knights fullback Kalyn Ponga.


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