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The world we are all living in right now feels like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Strange and challenging times. But here in Australia, where there is already talk of restrictions easing, we are still able to carry on shooting and delivering productions for clients and agencies, while following strict Covid-19 guidelines and protocols. Our crew is smaller, our locations carefully chosen and our cast and crew are all health checked and trained in social distancing practices.

Since lockdown rules were imposed, our producers have successfully carried out more than five local and international productions, without incident or consequence. Clients and agencies have been happily involved via ‘on set Zoom link’ with a direct view of the camera image, allowing live and instant feedback to the set from anywhere in the world, utilising the best of what technology has to offer.

We can offer a number of Directors for your project, or your Director can do it from his lounge via Zoom. Whatever your preference, we can make it work. It’s time to take the plunge down under and make your next project stand out with our incredible locations and spectacular scenery. With the Southern Hemisphere running into Autumn, we look forward to slowly moving into this spectacular time of year with cooler days, pleasant evenings and amazing colours.

And we say slowly, because historically the summer does take its time to leave us, much to our delight, while we enjoy the gradual change of season and softening of the light. The days will be shorter but the quality of the light becomes the envy of all Cinematographers and Directors the world over. There is nothing quite like the quality of light in Australia at this time of year.

In the next 4 – 5 months, parts of Australia will start to enjoy the arrival of the snow and all the spectacular scenery that comes with it. The favourable exchange rates with both USA and Europe will offer significant savings on production and especially on talent and usage.

We are standing by to look at your projects, offer up some incredible locations, & prepare a ballpark estimate or a detailed quote. Simply drop us a line to talk things through while you ponder all of your options.

Warm regards,

Alan Robinson


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